Senior Full-Stack Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States Full-time

Couchsurfing is the world's premier social travel platform, with over 18 million members in nearly every country in the world. Hearing the stories of Couchsurfers whose lives have been transformed by travel using our platform is the greatest reward for doing what we do. Join us and every day thousands of people from every country in the world will meet in person and embark on new adventures as a direct result of your work.

We are a small, capable team who are building the next generation of this powerful service, with a strong focus on modern web and mobile technologies. Our platforms include responsive web, iOS, and Android, and our mobile audience is growing rapidly. If you’re interesting in making a big impact at a small company with a passionate, large user base and growing revenue streams, then you’ll like it here.

For this position, we’re seeking an experienced engineer with familiarity in both our front-end (React, Redux, etc.) and back-end (Ruby, Rails, Docker, MySQL, etc.) tech stack who is not necessarily a specialist in either, and who may have some devops experience as well.  If you don’t meet the requirements of this posting but are interested in working at Couchsurfing – for example, if your experience is heavily slanted towards front-end, back-end, or infrastructure – please feel free to see if you meet the requirements for our Senior React Engineer posting.


  • Develop and maintain the services and interfaces that power all of Couchsurfing
  • Proactively contribute to our technical and product roadmaps
  • Participate in our developer on-call rotation
  • Mentor and support your teammates to produce high quality, maintainable, and testable code
  • Be available to work morning overlap hours with our remote team from 8-10AM PST

For this position, you absolutely must meet all requirements for at least two of the three sub-categories:

  • Back-end requirements
  1. Comfortable developing in Ruby on Rails back-end in a team environment (including Git for VCS)
  2. Knowledge of both language (Ruby) and framework (Rails) features and capabilities
  3. Comfortable writing Rspec unit tests and dedication to testing all new code 
  4. Experience building/running RESTful web services on cloud platforms
  5. Proficient with SQL (MySQL experience most preferred)
  • Front-end requirements
  1. Proficient in developing React applications in a team environment (including Git for VCS)
  2. Significant professional, team-based front-end development experience
  3. Knowledge of both language (JS) and framework (React) features and capabilities
  4. Comfortable writing specs (Jest, Mocha, Chai, and/or Jasmine) and dedication to testing new code
  5. Experience developing responsive web front-ends in any JS framework
  6. Familiarity with ES6/ES7+ and SASS
  • Infrastructure requirements
  1. Comfortable with UNIX systems administration
  2. Solid script-writing skills in Bash, Ruby, and/or Python
  3. Proficient with configuration management systems such as Chef, Puppet, and/or Ansible
  4. High level of familiarity with provisioning and configuring AWS environments
  5. Proficient with SQL (MySQL experience most preferred)
  6. Experience with Elasticsearch infrastructure provisioning and management


The following experience areas are preferred but not required:

  • Familiarity with Elasticsearch (code/query/SDK side, as opposed to infrastructure side)
  • Containerization (Docker and/or Kubernetes preferred)
  • Development of progressive web apps in any JS framework (React preferred)
  • Familiarity with front-end build tools, including Webpack (preferred), Gulp, Grunt, or others
  • Familiarity with React Redux and the Flux design pattern
  • Development experience in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and related tools
  • Working in agile software development processes
  • Working in fully-remote or significantly mixed-remote work environments

Culture and Perks:

  • Awesome co-workers who care about building a great service and each other
  • A results-driven, respectful, professional environment that aims to maintain a healthy blend of autonomy, collaboration, and fun
  • Competitive salary/benefits plus perks
  • We provide an inviting work environment including private work spaces, group lunches from our chef, games, instruments, beverages, snacks, and several pups
  • Opportunities to Couchsurf through our Staff in the Wild program, which counts up to a week of Couchsurfing as working hours per year